No doubt percentage of Android devices is increasing exponentially, and there are millions of users use their smart phones to check emails, social media accounts, and share content. You can use your Android phone to manage your blog and share latest blog posts by using blogging apps and the best part is these apps are FREE.

I know it is difficult to write content using a smart phone but still, you can edit, update, or do any minor stuff when you don't have access to your computer (when traveling). I am also using few apps and thought why not share them with others.

We like free stuff, everyone loved to get freebies. Am I right?

You can use free web hosting to learn about web servers, technical stuff, and blogging procedure as well. But keep in mind there are few risk that you might face when it comes to free hosts. You can use it to learn WordPress, other CMS, scripts and also how to manage your hosting server. There are many free web hosts to sign up and get hosting.

Few free hosting providers allow you installing almost any major CMS and script including Drupal, Magento, Joomla and WordPress, etc. Here keep in mind that they allow very limited storage and bandwidth.

With the availability of hundreds of VPNs in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best VPN provider. This guide to picking the perfect service will help you find great service no matter if it's paid or free.

There are many free vpn you can use without paying a single penny. But keep in mind one thing, for exceptional level of security, reliability, and high speed you must always go with paid service rather than a free one.

When it comes to paid tool, everyone wants to get high speed internet browsing experience, bulletproof security, hundreds of server locations, and everything they can get at the price they pay. Am I right?

So, to help every user out there, I am going to share all the key features you must check before purchasing any paid VPN provider. No one wants to pay for useless services or tools.

Let's talk about key things to look for before buying any paid tool.


1. Number of Servers

 Every VPN should offer hundreds of server locations and virtual locations to browse the Internet from more places. Having limited servers and small locations isn't good when are going to pay money.

So, I would recommend going with a company which offers the maximum amount of virtual places for servers and geo-locations. HideMyAss offers various server locations and hundreds of places to surf the internet.

2. Protocols

Are they offer OpenVPN? Because it is highly secure and best for security purpose. Additionally, also look for SSL, PPTP, L2TP, TSL, SSTP, and IPSec.

 OpenVPN provides the bulletproof security when it comes to data encryptions. The best part is, every best VPN in the market offering OpenVPN by default and you don't worry about this aspect.


With the abundance of web hosting choices to be found out there, how do you discover which is the best web hosting provider? A couple of the choices that are popular – virtual private hosting (VPS, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated and managed WordPress hosting services– are distinct with regard pricing, attributes, and scalability, amongst others.


In this informative article, we will compare and contrast common hosting versus VPS, and identify use cases that are acceptable for every alternative. 

In this informative article, we will compare and contrast common hosting versus VPS, and identify use cases that are acceptable for every alternative.